day 3/ end of master cleanse

8:15 weighed in at 95.2lbs o: measurements are slightly smaller. I will say that for awhile it was normal to have even smaller measurements than listed in the last post, but that was without this increased muscle mass. And yeah, like I said yesterday I'm going to stop this cleanse today, but will continue an... Continue Reading →


day 2 of master cleanse

9:58 gotta be honest with you guys, I am bored to death of this fast. Had my first drink a few minutes ago and yeah I feel fine and whatever, but my mind keeps going, "but food ;-D" I miss chewing. At this point I'm just treating it like a deep cut since it doesn't... Continue Reading →

day 1 of master cleanse

7:13 and I’m still really sleep. Tea hasn’t worked yet so I think I gonna try to sleep until st least 8 before doing the flush. 7:26 okay gonna prepare the flush and pray for the best 7:45 and I just downed the mixture. It was actually really easy :/ everyone was like you’ll gag... Continue Reading →

the master cleanse

So here’s something I’ve never done. Well, two things. One; I’ve never gone more than 38h without solid food. Two; I’ve never revealed my weight online. So this is an experiment since I am a very curious person and this has been haunting me for years and it’s time to try it. THE MASTER CLEANSE.... Continue Reading →


So people who know me IRL might know that I'm not a huge fan of strength training. Mostly because I don't have access to a gym and only have 5lb dumbbells at home. But still, I am learning to love it. Okay first off, cardio is addicting. It is. But during winter I can't run... Continue Reading →

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