back to school/university

It's 1/3 through August and everywhere people are obsessing about being back to school. I'm a little sick of it. Maybe because as I'm writing this, I'm about to enter my last year of formal schooling (so long, university). What you see everywhere; advertisements, videos, and blogs, it doesn't prepare you for school (obviously). So instead,... Continue Reading →


so i got injured… (warning semi-graphic images)

...moving a couch for a friend. She's smaller than me so I volunteered to move it with her boyfriend instead of her. The thing is, her porch stairs are uneven. The top step is too high and the bottom one is like two inches. I mistook the second last step as the last step and... Continue Reading →

how to: stay cool

So many of us are not AC blessed. I am definitely in that category. I can't even afford a window air conditioner and my house faces west. Yaaaaay-no. So let's get started! Tint your damn windows. Do it. Get tinting film from a hardware store and tint the bodiggly out of them.  They work by reflecting up to... Continue Reading →

the thing about people… that they can either really rock, or really suck. There is no in between. Well, maybe, if you include those five minute relationships with your grocery store clerk. But I've been both supported by and backstabbed enough to know a person within meeting them for a short while. That's right you backstabbers, you helped... Continue Reading →

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