the thing about people…

…is that they can either really rock, or really suck. There is no in between. Well, maybe, if you include those five minute relationships with your grocery store clerk.

But I’ve been both supported by and backstabbed enough to know a person within meeting them for a short while. That’s right you backstabbers, you helped me develop a very sophisticated bullshit sensor. So, silver linings, right?

Unfortunately, this entry will be more ragey-rant structured than point by point advice structured. So let’s get into it.

I’ve never been a mean or manipulative person, but so many of the people I’ve met are exactly that. They always present themselves as angels and will even buy you free stuff to convince you of their angelicness. But so far in my twenties I only have 2 people besides of SO to talk to. One elementary and one from secondary school.

So why did all my other relationships crash and burn? Or in my case of uni, never even spark?

Well, if we go back to secondary school, I had the average small group of friends. That went to hell over a far too complicated to explain exam conflict-backstabbing incident. Then in my senior year I made two new friends and we did so much together. It was amazing.

University split us up, and I went to the same as the person I was closer to. Year one was fine. Year two was fine. End of year three, nothing happened between us but randomly I find I was unfriended by both of them on Facebook.



That is such a petty thing to do.

They had hundreds of friends, people they’ve spoken to only a few times, but they were so repulsed by our relationship that they couldn’t stand to know someone could stumble upon their friend list and see them associated with me?

And no, I never got an explanation why. The last few times we spoke it was all very positive and happy, and just normal. This was so confusing.

I know this is sadly commonplace, but that’s just the thing about people, isn’t it?

We just don’t always make sense.


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