so i got injured… (warning semi-graphic images)

…moving a couch for a friend. She’s smaller than me so I volunteered to move it with her boyfriend instead of her. The thing is, her porch stairs are uneven. The top step is too high and the bottom one is like two inches. I mistook the second last step as the last step and my leg relaxed for half a second. Then this happened.

Obviously I washed it immediately and cleaned it with 70% rubbing alcohol. Man alive was that an interesting feeling. And by interesting I mean it was like being stabbed by a million tiny knives.

The last time something like this happened (wiped out on streetcar tracks) it was my left leg. Figures it was about time my right leg got hurt.

However, thanks to that former incident I have quite the stockpile of first-aid supplies. For the first day I had the wound bandaged, but I’ve decided this time to not keep it bandaged. Reason being, last time I did this the wound didn’t scab over as well since I had to keep changing the bandage.

Thus, I left it unbandaged overnight and this morning it was 80%-90% scabbed. Woo! I’ll just keep cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide every four hours.


With my leg like this, I can’t go Pokemon hunting. Or really do that much really. Bending my leg or putting any amount of pressure on it hurts like hell. SIIIGH.

I’ve just been sitting in front of my computer watching Spongebob.

Any suggestions for an injured day are welcs!


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