back to school/university

It’s 1/3 through August and everywhere people are obsessing about being back to school. I’m a little sick of it. Maybe because as I’m writing this, I’m about to enter my last year of formal schooling (so long, university).

What you see everywhere; advertisements, videos, and blogs, it doesn’t prepare you for school (obviously). So instead, I’m going to try to help y’all get mentally prepared for September.

It always takes me a good few weeks to settle back into the rhythm of things, and during that time I don’t always do the best work.

Starting in July I’ve been setting 3 weekly goals, at least one educational/academic. Usually it was reading.

Now, you don’t have to make yourself read non-fiction or a textbook, it should be enjoyable. Just get used to reading again.

Keeping some sort of daily or weekly journal is also helpful to get you writing. Just write. Or if you’re vehemently opposed to lead and ink, type.

All this is to get you re-accustomed to the feeling of writing notes, essays and doing readings.

If you’re a new student, you can also take this time to find out if you prefer writing or typing, how much you can read in a day and just what works best for you.

It’s better to weed out the things that don’t work now before school just overwhelms you.

Please, take this from a student who had a course overload and was reading ~400 pages a week.


Even if you read a little, read consistently and whenever you can.

If you get easily distracted, work alone in an unfamiliar environment (new library, cafe etc).

Cook in giant batches on the weekends so you always have something to eat during the week. And please, don’t live on instant noodles or Kraft.

Good luck, my fellow students.


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