a little treat

So in my 21 years of existence, I had never been to a nail salon. Sure, I’ve painted my nails at home, but a mani pedi? Nah. Well last week I thought why the hell not and went for it.

So prepare yourselves for my beautiful, uncared for before footsies and fingers.

So yeah, off to the spa I went.

I was so scared, but excited. My first time. Gooosh.

Thankfully the ladies were super nice and did a great job. The foot service, if I can call it that, was amazing. I wore shorts so I was eligible for not only a foot massage but a calf massage too.

They added this blue stuff to the water, and the foot bowl thing was glittery so it was a blue shimmering foot soak. I swore I took a picture of it, but I can’t find it for the life of me D:

They were also careful to not exfoliate too roughly on my newly healed scars (see this post for explanation).

Now, my manicure is a total ripoff of Marzia‘s. If you don’t know who she is, you totes should. Click the link to see her blog post so you can see her manicure, which I did not get 100% right, but I don’t think this salon specializes in designs.

These lines are super straight, whereas Marzia’s curve and look like flower petals. I still love it. Also, it’s gel. I’m like 99% sure because they roughed up my nail bed. Next time, shellac.



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