getting through exams

Maybe I’m not the right person to be giving this advice since I don’t have any midterms. But! I do have quite a few final exams. So I’m going to share with you how to prepare for them.

Mental preparation.

I mean attitude. For a long time, I got so physically sick when it came to exams that it really screwed up my life. For a month anyway. Seriously, couldn’t digest food after April finals. So the thing I’ve been thinking about is, how is this mark going to affect me in twenty years? For people who are taking something that’s really general and are probably not going to end up in their field of study (say I), it’s not going to matter.

But what if it does matter? I’m in engineering and this exam is 80% of my final grade and I’m in my last year and this is my last exam and I want to just be done with it but I can’t slack now and and and—

Calm down.

It’s true when people say panicking won’t make it better. Y’all gotta chill out. Dial down to the borderline ‘I don’t care’ attitude. Borderline. You obviously have to care.

This is just the mentality though, not the actual act of not studying. No, you better study till you’re blue in the face. But do so with a borderline whatever attitude and your stress hormones won’t drive you to the ceiling and burst you into flames.

Sorry about the Supernatural reference. That was not cool.

No, it was burning hot.

I’m done now I swear.

I’d like to say don’t cram now, but that might be too late. What if you’re already cramming? Should close this tab and START STUDYING.



I mean it.

I can’t tell you how to study or hacks that will create shortcuts. There are none. YOU have to learn it yourself. It’s your brain, man.

All I can do is advise you to go through this with a calm mind and remind you that life goes on after your exam. It is not the end of the world no matter how it feels. You’ve gotten through other exams before, so you can get through this too.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; my worst exam experience was April this year. My finals were almost all in class on the last week and I had six classes. In some classes we had an in-class and online portion. Some had a final essay as well. All due within seven days. A week before all this I fell ill with the flu for the first time since childhood. I couldn’t eat, sleep or study but somehow I just kept doing the work feeling like a bag of crap and got everything in on time, went to all my classes, wrote all my exams and just didn’t even think about what if I fail this or get a bad mark on that. I was so dead that I didn’t have the energy to think about it. That was the semester I pulled my GPA up. Not down. Up. So if I can get through that, you can get through your exams!

This isn’t meant to show off, far from it. I just want to show you that things could be much worse. This isn’t the right place to talk about it but I’ve talked about horrible tenants in another post and all that drama was going on during finals too.

If anyone thinks their life is boring and you wish it was more like a movie or TV show, don’t. Normal is underrated. Mundane is underrated. Enjoy it while you have it.

When you’re actually living a tumultuous life with neverending drama, it’s just painful.

Exams are the least of your worries.

You are actually blessed to be going through exams. The fact that you can afford to go to school is amazing. In so many countries the life dream of people is to attend school and that attitude is just so amazing. Don’t take this for granted as something that you have to do or it’s so annoying why can’t I just win the lottery.

Count your blessings, not your grievances.


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