autumn morning routine

So, I am a huge morning person. I love the feeling of getting up early knowing that most people are still asleep. It’s like I own the world. Or the zombie apocalypse has started. EITHER WAY. Both cool.

After binge watching YouTube videos on people’s morning routines, I decided to get into my own. I always had a set of things I did but no real order and honestly that was the one little thing that put me off about my ‘routine’. So I’ve been sticking with this one for a few weeks and it’s working very well to help me reduce stress and enjoy this crisp autumn season.

So I normally wake up around this time, no alarm. Keep  yourselves hydrated and sugared up people! Low blood sugar is horrible 😦
Candles are so cozy, and on cold mornings the extra heat they create is so nice. NOW, people if you are going to burn candles please, please, please use only 100% soy, beeswax or stearin. Other ones create toxins and are carcinogenic. Don’t cheap out here. This little 9oz was $14.
So without fail, my kittens will begin meowing as soon as they see I’m awake. So before taking care of myself I will take care of them. Refill their water, hard food and give them fresh soft food. This morning the boyfriend did it 🙂

So you have two versions because I usually drink a glass of water first before having breakfast. But this morning the boyfriend made me breakfast so I had water and OJ at the same time. But I just do that while watching either Netflix or YouTube.

Face washing time! This cleanser is great because it leaves your face so soft. It’s so gentle, not that I need gentle solutions, but it’s nice anyway. And of course brush my teeth.
Next up is moisturizing. Go from right to left, I spray some toner on to prep my face. Next up is the Aveeno. I have to say I bought the Aveeno and CeraVe before I went cruelty free so I’m just using them up and then I won’t be buying them again. I have two because the Aveeno has SPF and vitamin C while the CeraVe has hyaluronic acid. Thinner lotion goes on first!
Next up is exfoliating the lips! Although this works well and ELF is CF, I put too much pressure on it and broke the stick in half… so… uh I’ll be switching to scrubs later.
Today I’m putting on the NYX Lingerie liquid lipstick in #10, Teddy. The lip liner isn’t the matching one but I’m not sure there is one so I got it in Nude. I usually get dressed before I put on lip products so I don’t get any on my clothes when I pull them over my head. Oh and NYX is CF too.
If I’m not wearing lip colour then I put this balm on. This is amazing, but again not CF so yeah gotta use it up and switch.

If I remember to I curl my lashes and if needed I clean up my brows.

Eyebrows on fleek is so important.

Then I just get dressed and grab my stuff before hopping out the door.


2 thoughts on “autumn morning routine

  1. Amelia

    I am new to your blogs but all I have to say is that I love them, keep working on them, and they remind me a lot like Marzia’s blogs! p.s Marzia and Pewds are my favorite youtubers!


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