birthday haul

Well it’s way past my birthday, but I didn’t buy too much stuff until Black Friday and Cyber Monday so that’s why this is going up now. Actually, a lot of the stuff I bought I won’t even be showing because… it was a lot (so so much) that I forgot what I bought. UM. Let’s go!

First off, technology! I’ve been meaning to get a pair of good gaming headphones for awhile now and these were $100 off so I thought what the hell. The 7.1 surround is amazing, but I haven’t had the opportunity to try out the mic yet (though I heard mic tests and they sound really good too).

Prior to buying sweaters this year I had like… three. These purchases are totally justified. All of these are from Bluenotes. That store is my guilty pleasure store since all their stuff fits me so well. I try to buy more ethically made clothing, but damn this holiday season got me weak in the wallet.

Rawr! Aside from lack of sweaters, I also had no bottoms. Literally for the cold season I had one pair of jeans and one pair of thin sweatpants. Last year I just wore tights all winter long (oh god that was painful).

So… fuzzy! These finally became available in my size and I jumped on that so fast. Moccasins are from Payless and the boots are from Roots. Unfortunately, the boots were too narrow for me, but the pair for the BF were perfect (fffffffff).

And a tree! This is from Canadian Tire. It’s a 7.5 ft tall pine I think. This is my first tree 😀

The other stuff that I don’t have pictures for include a bunch of body butters from The Body Shop and liquid lipsticks and lip liners from NYX. I also got some other skincare stuff from TBS, the main thing being their Daily Anti-Imperfection Tea Tree Oil.

If I didn’t have so many exams and papers to write this would be a much happier post, but I gotta get going, finals are calling me!


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