a week in new york

So I said I’d do a post on my travels and I ended up making a video of this too! Editing is becoming more and more fun. Keeping me sane. Thank you, technology.

Without further ado, here is my one week in New York~

Disclaimer: I was not intending to make a video when I took this footage so I’m missing a lot. Will write more on what I did below.


So some things not shown here include:

  • Was trying to catch the sunrise at the beach, but it was such a cloudy day and freezing cold that it turned out a disaster. Still, I had a lot of fun exploring!
  • Going out to fancy dinners and eating the yummiest food! At this point I don’t remember where I went but I do remember delicious raviolis.
  • Baking so many yummy things like mug cakes, pizzas everyday and devouring them all!
  • Hilarious conversations c:
  • Touching the train while it was pulling in for half a second and getting black finger tips. Oops.
  • Biking around Central Park.
  • Comparing pizzas! I do consider myself a pizza connoisseur :p
  • Riding the train back, but not alone this time.

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