new york to california; there and back again


So this June I went on a roadtrip from New York to Los Angeles with my beloved boyfriend. Being the wonderful person that he is, he drove the whole way since I can’t drive. It was amazing to have this time just to ourselves and get away from everything. People say you get to really know a person when you’ve either lived with them or traveled with them, and I can say with certainty that we work beautifully together. But enough of me gushing about this c: It’s picture time!

I wish we had more time to hit up cool places, but given our time limit we went to the Aztec Ruins, the Grand Canyon, Vegas, and went surfing at Santa Monica beach.

When I first arrived my boyfriend picked me up from the train station, flowers and all!

Date night, wedding, and then takeoff :3

This was the RV we were in for like two weeks 😀

We made a quick pit stop at the Aztec Ruins and saw not just ruins but more importantly, prairie dogs! They were so freaking cute I can’t even asdfghjkl =O=

This was the Grand Canyon :3 Next stop was Vegas! I really gotta step up my photography skills. Didn’t have this blog post in mind when I was taking pictures, oops.

We didn’t do too much in Vegas but going to a casino was a definite must! Looking for a parking spot was a nightmare, especially since we were in an RV, but we still walked a good portion of The Strip and got some nice photos. I forgot to take some of the cowboys and showgirls :<

I’m a daaangerous criminal guys. I crossed that sign and took those pictures. Didn’t go to the top since there were helicopters everywhere looking for trespassers haha.

Our main goal in California was to go surfing, which we accomplished! The waves really beat us up but it was still a lot of fun. We got surf lessons for about two hours at Santa Monica beach. Our instructor was really chill and explained everything really well. We probably would have drowned without him so please if you’re a first timer, get someone qualified to teach you! The sea is no joke.

This was part of the drive back. We got to enjoy some really beautiful landscapes, mountain views and skyscapes. It was absolutely breathtaking :>

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! I’ll see you soon in another blog post!

Stay healthy, stay happy ❤


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