Hello, Internet traveler!

I see you’ve stumbled upon my humble blog.

I tend to write about big events in my life, give some advice, and occasionally just whatever I feel like other people would enjoy.

I’ve started so many blogs in the past but never kept them going, and I think that’s partly because the pressure was too high to always push out content. And it wasn’t like I had an audience, I was pressuring myself for no reason other than that if I didn’t post anything for awhile I felt like the whole thing was a waste of time.

And that really sucked because I really do enjoy maintaining a blog, it’s why I kept making different ones with different themes.

And I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, this time I’ll keep up this blog!

Because there’s one key difference now, and that’s how much content I’m pushing out.

I won’t force myself to write, and I’ll only write about the important stuff, so I won’t be bombarding my blog with random, mundane crap.

There is a lot of boring, mundane, why did I even post this crap on my old blogs.

Anyway, fingers crossed!