it’s panda time!

I changed the name of this blog! Sort of (not the URL haha). Although I liked the name "story of my life", it just wasn't totally me. Wasn't personal enough, you know? This new name was just one of those things that randomly pop into your head while you're ordering pizza, and it stuck! I... Continue Reading →


17 things I learned in 2017

So if you've been following my blog then you'll know that I had a crazy year. 2017 was such a rollercoaster that I'm not sure 17 lessons is really enough, but for new readers, a summation of some of the things that happened were: I graduated from university, went on a roadtrip from NY to... Continue Reading →

birthday in ottawa

So this is waaay long overdue, but I still felt like putting it up. So my birthday passed on November 12, and I went to Ottawa with my best friend ❤ Overall, the trip was a success! We ate lots of yummy food and saw some cool stuff at the natural history museum. We also... Continue Reading →

haunted market

So there's some stuff I cut out of the video. Since uploading this on Monday, one of my cats has gone missing. She snuck out while I came back from last night's run. I'm just a ball of stress right now. Anyway, hope the video was at least entertaining :>

nuit blanche toronto 2017

So I went to Nuit Blanche this year and had a blast! Would have stayed out longer if I wasn't freezing to death. Saw a bunch of exhibits, and I recorded everything! Decided to make this video and just condense my day into 6 mins of hopefully nice entertainment. Enjoy, my lovelies!

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